You don't need to be wealthy to travel. You need friends.


We are a community of Friends Hosting Friends (FHoF). We make it easier to live a smarter life by combining all our properties and share them for free with only friends, and friends of friends, we trust.

Imagine... you can go pretty much anywhere in the world, stay for free, and broaden your circle of friends, simply because a friend, or the friend of a friend, made a home there and has the generosity to share it with you.

FHoF is born from the realization that our greatest asset is the safety we feel when having good friends and a roof over our head.

By combining both, we not only become wealthier and stronger as a community, but we also tremendously improve the quality of our lives, our pocket money and our traveling memories.

Welcome to Friends Hosting Friends! See where you’ll travel this year.


You may think "Here's one more vacation booking platform, among hundreds already existing." It may look this way, but it's not.

Call this my dream to build a community of true support and solidarity.

Our Mission is to build a hugely valuable platform, where friends can connect with friends, make new valuable connections, and stay at each other's properties for free.

It's free because not everything is about money. It's free so we can overcome all the growing regulations imposed by cities and governments on what we can do with our homes.

If my dream of building a strong community of friends works, we may expand in time by helping each other financially, with life opportunities, with emotional support, praising each other successes, and more... You got the concept, it's about building a community where we act as champions for one another

Think about friendship empowerment as an infinite fountain from which all members can drink. Yes, it's idealistic. But in a divided world of 7 billion people, belonging to a protective pack is a wise move.

Our fans are – people with high ethics of trust who believe in the power of friendships, great connections, generosity and belonging to a strong community.

If you aspire to such quality life, come join us today!





  1. It's about friendships/good connections: Lots of things pass in life, but good friends stay for a lifetime. Need more friends? We're here to help!
  2. It's about hospitality/generosity: Whether we rent or we own, we have a place we call "home". We hope to inspire you to accept other members' generosity and open yourself to offer yours.
  3. It's about trust: We strive to create a safe community of trusted, loyal, and responsible members. At the end of the day what truly matters is how good of a human being we are, and surrounding ourselves with quality people.
  4. It's about having more control/power over our lives: Together we have so many more homes to share and enjoy. Together we can overcome a system that wishes to decide for us what we can do and not do with our homes. Governments in most countries limit how we can rent our homes. On the top of it, many landlords prevent us from renting for short stays. But with FHoF, as no money is exchanged, you are free to let your friends, and friends of friends, stay at your home, anytime you wish. It transgresses cities and countries' regulations.
  5. It's about seizing a beautiful opportunity before others do: By joining us from the start and helping us grow, you’ll be rewarded all along the way.

Our Story - How It Started


Friends Hosting Friends (FHoF) started with adversity, like a lot of other great concepts did. 

The original idea started in a car, on a drive from Point Reyes to San Francisco, on Labor Day weekend 2018. We were three of us dreaming how wonderful it could be to share among friends, people we value & trust, our property assets, to enrich our trip experiences around the world. The following day, using,  I quickly designed a visual draft of our car conversation to see if it could happen. Sophie, one of the three, liked it and got on board to furthur develop it. Our third friend did not think that it was the right time for her to start any venture and she wished us the best of luck with the project. 

Here we went! Sophie & I started developing the concept. We secured the domain name, but initially called it "Chez Nous" (meaning Our Home in French).  Five months later, the owners of asked us to no longer use the name Chez Nous, which although being a broad general term used in all Francophile countries, they had legally registered in the UK. We thought it was a sign to fully embrace the name of Friends Hosting Friends and we asked our IT team to design a new logo. During the few weeks it took to go back and forth between different designs and finally chose the final current logo, Sophie made the decision to remove herself from the project to pursue other endeavors. 

That's how Friends Hosting Friends (FHoF) was born and I embrace every magical and less glamourous parts of it.

There will be hills and there will be valleys, but... let's cheers to ong life to Friends Hosting Friends!

Founder, CEO