How It Works


The concept of home sharing is far from being new and multiple variations exist but what makes "Friends Hosting Friends" (FHoF) unique is that it is built on friendship empowerment and your stay are free!

  1. Join our community, adhere to our chart of ethics, and contribute to the maintenance costs for a modest $99/year. If you don’t make any stay in the first year, the 2nd year is free.
  2. Post one or more of your properties, just like you would do on Airbnb or VRBO.
  3. Give (at least) 2 weeks of free hospitality a year. Choose to give your whole home/apartment or just a room. Choose to be present to receive your friends or to host them while you are away. Your choice. Just note your preferences on your property post.
  4. In return, make unlimited requests to stay at friends or friends of friends. By allowing friends to stay at your home for at least 2 weeks a year, you can request to stay at friends and friends of friends, up to 52 weeks a year. Your stays will be free. Yes, you heard well!
  5. That's it! Join us & have fun. Travel lowering your travel budget. Nurture your friendships. Make more connections. Go to bed at night knowing you belong to a community who cares about you.
  6. FHoF is a great complement to Airbnb and other vacation rentals (VR). You can allot two weeks per year for friends to stay at your place for free using us and rent your home or live in it the other 50 weeks of the year. Doing so just give you more options when you travel.
  7. No reciprocal destination. It's not because Sophie (from Seattle US) requested to stay at your home that you must stay at Sophie’s in return. You can make requests at any other worldwide available locations and at any other time of the year that suits you best.


  1. Be willing to share at least one property or one independent room at least 2 weeks out of the year for free, whenever convenient to you. In return for those 2 weeks of generosity, you will be able to stay at friend’s homes up to 52 weeks for free.
  2. Agree to our chart of ethics.
  3. Be a great friend & member!


  1. Unlimited requests to any property offered on our site. Yep! You heard well. You could enjoy up to 52 weeks of stay at friends per year, for free.
  2. The opportunity to grow your connections and friendships.
  3. The perfect complement to other rental websites. No need to give them up!
  4. An easy way to enjoy your vacation without being limited and/or restricted by any city, country or governmental regulations.
  5. To go to bed at night knowing you belong to a community who cares about you.