A. SUPERFriends are members who provide an inspiring example for other members. You don’t need to apply to become a SUPERFriend. If you meet the program requirements on a yearly base, you'll qualify for SUPERFriend status. Once you reach SUPERFriend status, a badge will automatically appear on your listing and profile to boost your reputation in our community.
A. To subscribe/unsubscribe you need to log-in to your admin and have to select option “YES” or "NO" under the "Notifications" section which would be there under "settings".
A. To adding your social accounts and blog to your profile, simply log in your admin and select "settings" and "social accounts".
A. Please add support@friendshostingfriends.com to your contacts to avoid that our notifications end up in your spam box.
A. No worries! Just pick a time that works for you and you'll likely find it works for some friends too. For example, you feel more comfortable being away when offering your home: open your calendar for dates you are traveling or on vacation. Or, you feel more comfortable being present when offering your home: open your calendar for dates you feel you could use company, or when the season is best where you live (spring on the French Riviera or winter in Aspen). That wasn't hard, right?
A. Indeed, a very important point! Accidents may happen even with friends you trust, and you need to be ready to address them. GREAT NEWS! Since with Friends Hosting Friends you are not exchanging any money and are hosting friends, you can use your home insurance the same way you would use it if an incident occurred while having friends over for dinner. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Friends Hosting Friends over Airbnb (or other vacation rental sites). Most people don't know that their home insurance does not include vacation rental protection and you need to buy a special vacation rental insurance if you want to be fully protected. But with Friends Hosting Friends, you are fully protected to host friends by your current home insurance. PS: If you own some very special items you would be heart broken to see damaged, grandma's china or a Parisian vase, it's best to put them away. Things happen, so we recommend you simply protect them.
A. Yeah!!! OMG, so exciting and so appreciative. You're given them a beautiful gift, your hospitality. Relax and enjoy nourishing your friendships and making new ones.
A. That's your business, but don't forget to bring your good manners and a thank you gift (cooking your friend a meal or taking them out is great too!).
A. So what? Whether you own or rent your home, you can still open your doors and welcome friends. So, unless you are in one of those rare situations when your contract stipulates you can't host anyone, you're just fine. Yippee!
A. Over the years, pets became an integral part of families all over the world. It's no surprise that man's best friends, the dog & cat, are the most loved household pets, but did you know fish and birds were a close second? Read on to learn which nations have the world's largest populations of pets. Hosts: As long as you write in your home description that you have a pet, there is no doubt you will find friends interested in staying at your home and playing or caring for your pet, even while you are away. Just make sure to give a very clear description of what the guests will need to do in order to take care of your pet while you are away. If your pet has special needs and you have arranged for an outside pet sitter, mention that as well. That's puppy love. Guests: As long as you select a friend who welcome pets, you're set to arrange the conditions with your host. Don't take it personally if they say no to your jaguar or giraffe.