Chart to be a Great House Guest/Host

Your hosts have done their best to prepare for your arrival. The house is clean, your room is prepared, and their own mess is well hidden.

Beyond being polite, here are few simple rules to take into considerations when you stay at a friend’s home:

  1. Clean master: Leave the place as clean and organized as you found it.
  2. House rules: Respect the rules of the house! Either read carefully the notes your host left you or ask directly your host about the way they like to do things.
  3. Enjoy but be mindful when using the house amenities and replace supplies you have used.
  4. Zen: Respect your host personal space and don’t barge into a room with a sign on it!
  5. No abuse! Buy your own groceries or replace them.
  6. Offer to pay or replace for whatever you have damaged. Accidents will happen regardless on how much you are trying to be careful.
  7. Unleash your pets only if the host accepts them and consider your animal manners before you bring your dog or your cat.
  8. Sweet: Leave a gift to show your appreciation.

Extra tips if your hosts are present:

  1. Don’t act like you are in a hotel.
  2. Remember to always clean up after yourself and the common areas.
  3. Show your host you are ready tohelp out when necessary.
  4. Don’t expect your host to want to spend the entire day with you.
  5. Treat your host with a nice meal when possible.Why not cooking your best dish or treat them to a restaurant?

In summary, to maximize your friendshare experience, you want to be the best guest to be invited back again and again!